I really fell in love with yoga!

While working as a full-time trainer at Snowcreek Athletic Club years back, I decided to try a
yoga class on my day off. I will never forget my first yoga class with Kelly Doyle (McCoy). Such a sweet soul and amazing yoga leader. We did our class in the gym. In the same gym, I would train clients of all levels of fitness. I fell in love with the practice and learned it was much more than a stretching class. Yoga primes the body for weight lifting and any other activity you can imagine. It makes you better at knowing your body and it builds the mind-muscle for razor-like focus. If you find yourself running from, through, and towards your workouts with a feeling of dread, you most likely have lost touch with your body. I am certified in level 1 and level 2 YOGAFIT. I love Beth Shaw’s approach to yoga. It was this science-based format that made a difference for me. It is called the 3 mountain format. A beginning, middle, and end…

Live Virtual Yoga from anywhere!

Yoga before bed. Yoga before work. Workout from where you are.
Perfect for travel and Moms with babies!
Kickbox, TRX, Yoga, Yoga Iron, HiitFirst Class is FREE! Sign up at Classitupfitness.comWhen searching for a Virtual Yoga Class, it's pretty much just like visiting a brick and mortar yoga studio.   Zoomin, look around, ask questions and check out the vibes. 
A good Virtual Studio Class experience will leave you feeling like you just had a convenient and quality fitness experience. The second best only to being in the studio live. Your instructor or trainer should know you by name or at the least, acknowledge your presence. If not you may as well be playing a DVD or watching YOUTUBE. Not that to say those are bad things if they work for you.

Virtual Yoga, Personal Training, Small Group Training, or any kind of training, is in a league all their own. The wave of the future. Pelotonis cutting edge but really lacks the personal touch. Fitness Training apps won't ask you how that ex…

Should You Bring the Hostess a Gift?

Should You Bring the Hostess a Gift?I chose to continue many of the traditions handed down to me by my family including saying please and thank you, sending thank you notes in some form, and when invited into someone's home, to bring a hostess gift. 
I had a visitor a few weeks back from the east coast. He arrived at our door with a box of chocolates. I love this tradition! Is it an east coast thing? Dorinda from the New York Housewives is an East Coast girl! Do you bring a hostess gift? 

I do this as a rule. My daughter attended a gathering at her friend's house and I sent her with a little something. She was hesitant and pitched "Mom, are you sure?" Although her friend made an awkward comment (teensπŸ˜‰), his mom was so gracious as she accepted our token of appreciation. I told my daughter that it was okay if her friend thought it was weird, we will continue to do it anyway!

So recently I wanted to give one of the families in our carpool something. Thinking about it, I …

Yoga: A Journey of Self Discovery

Each month I honor one of our fit fam members. Our fit fam includes weight lifters, runners, ab challengers,  social media followers, and what I like to call our "yoga hotties!" Yep, these peeps know how to rock their yoga with consistent practice, leaving them feeling HOT!

This month, my client spotlight is Courtney. She is a yoga hottie. 

From Courtney:

I knew her and her daughter Belle. I have been doing yoga for 6 years with Kathy.

Before starting this journey I was in an unhealthy marriage that I refused to acknowledge to myself or anyone else. I gave up numerous opportunities from the time I was 17 to be with this man and I believed I could make it work and make it better. I had two young children that needed their world to be ok. And then I started getting sick, serious kind of sick, requiring surgeries and major medical intervention. Once, so driven and goal-oriented, I had somehow lost my way and lost connection to my self.
And then Kathy said those words I will always …

Movement Assessments, Baseline Testing and Re-Testing. WHY?

Establishing a health and fitness baseline is an essential starting point for achieving health and fitness goals. Your movement assessment and baseline or starting point has two basic components. Existing illness, injuries, imbalances, and potential injuries, illness, imbalances. A solid health and fitness routine should include “A Preventative Care Plan” with specific workouts, diets, stress management, lifestyle habits, ongoing movement assessments, and refinement, all personalized to a client’s biology.  Living a long, healthier lifestyle now and preventing health and fitness decline in the future is empowering. Take control of your health by being proactive and building confidence in your program. It is important to have a clear and accurate assessment of your current health and fitness. Raise your hand if you could use some improvement! Baseline Testing and Assessments can really clear up the confusion as to what you need to be working on. It will also keep you motivated as you …

Fall Fitness Tips: If You Fall Get Back Up πŸ’›

Fall is here! Sweatshirt weather. When mother nature changes her wardrobe, extends the dark, and puts a warm glow of sunlight into the air, a season of balancing light and dark begins, a time of transition and transforming.
Our bodies like change or cycles. Getting into the fall season with a fitness routine in place will have you feeling rooted and grounded in good health. Fall and winter bring on colds and flu and your immune system needs a big boost before winter arrives. 

FYI: Holiday Bodies are made in the fall. What you do today will be your tomorrow. Today is a result of your yesterdays. Getting into a routine is easier than your mind is telling you. 

Fall Fitness Tips by Kathy Dolan:

πŸ’› Sign up for a Bootcamp or Training with Friends. When you sign up with friends, the days and times you will be working out are all set. You will have the accountability of not only your Coach but your friends too. Real friends push each other! And it's more fun to suffer and complain alongside …

Life Can Change In A Single Word Or Breath...

I woke up this morning after a busy week ending with a night preparing my daughter for her first high school dance. Coachella theme! Did you know that besides a Fit Pro, I am also a makeup artist and stylist?! I find so much joy in showing my kids unconditional love and support in all they do!  I am a full-time mom first and it's not easy at times. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining because I really love my life and practice meditation daily to fill my cells with that gratitude.

Feeling a bit low in motivation to go for a walk, I grabbed a cup of coffee. As I set my cup down on the table I see a pile of photo booth photos from the dance. It made me smile. I mean really smile because I see pure joy. I am too old to stay up much past my bedtime so our girl talks about the dance was moved to the morning.

With my Coachella Princess sleeping away in the other room, I turned on my social media and one of my dear family members came up in my feed. I and found myself in a pile of…